Tuesday, 27 October 2015

SGX Stock Update: GKE Corporation Acquires 70% Of Marquis Services For $2.9 Million

Daily Stock Update:  GKE Corporation has executed a conclusive Sale and Purchase Agreement for the securing of a 70 percent stake in Marquis Services, for a thought of $2.9 million.

Marquis Services is an organization primarily occupied with the matter of giving stevedoring and lighterage administrations, cargo sending, crating and the transportation of marine materials via ocean.

The gathering will satisfy the thought with $2.315 million in real money, which will be financed through interior assets and/or bank borrowings, and also through an apportioning of new shares or an exchange of treasury offer at an issue cost of $0.125 per offer.

The gathering trusts the matter of Marquis Services is a decent vital fit to the bunch's current business in Singapore considering the cooperative energy made by both the business and anticipates that the procurement will empower the gathering to get a steady stream of salary and benefits, and in addition show an open door for the gathering to gain a productive organization with feasible plan of action and great administration group.

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