Monday, 31 August 2015

7-Eleven Malaysia declined the net profit 52.7 percent in 2Q15

Malaysia Stock Signals Update:

7-Eleven Malaysia Holdings recorded a 52.7 percent decrease in 2Q15 net benefit to RM10.7 million, in spite of enrolling a 2.3 percent pick up in income to RM482.3 million.

The poorer execution has been ascribed to lower deals development, because of the effect of the merchandise and administrations charge (GST) and feeble buyer certainty, and additionally higher offering and appropriation costs from new store extension.

For the six-month period, top line extended 6.8 percent to RM924.7 million while primary concern shrank 10.3 percent to RM25.1 million.

Hugeness: Looking forward, the gathering expects the exchanging conditions for the remaining FY15 to stay testing because of general softening in the residential private utilization since GST usage, yet included that it was certain of clutching its business driving position while its new store extension arrangement stays on track.

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Wednesday, 26 August 2015

6 Stock Trading Signals To be Followed Being a Trend Trader & Swing Trader

Trading in financial market is a complex as it requires strategies while investing. The most trading strategies are divided into two categories i.e. ‘Trend Following & ‘Swing Trading’. Both the strategies have its pros & cons.

A trader who follows ‘Trend Following’ has risk factors in an uptrend or downtrend & remains stable until the trend takes place. Whereas, the swing trader buy at support & sells at resistance within the limit of range bound markets.

Swing trading is effective for short span of time while Trend Following strategy can be implemented for months. Traders & beginners must apply one of these strategies to gain excellent results.

Trend Trader Versus Swing Trader
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‘Trend following’ traders analyze the economical, political and environmental aspects that influence the risk factors in well mannered. Whereas, ‘Swing traders’ avoid this & focus on short term pricing.
Trade Frequency:

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Swing traders performs increased number of positions & carry it for short time which is a profitable Stock signal to trade while the trend followers use to apply fewer positions & carry for longer time.

Position Selection
Trend traders use to short sell their securities with up trends and downtrends while swing traders use to short sell securities at support or resistance level.

Position Size:

Swing traders carry longer positions for short time while trend traders carry smaller positions for long time period. Also, the swing traders have more leverage than trend traders which is a profitable for substantial gain.

Entry Strategy:

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Entry strategy works as a best Stock trading picks as this strategy helps to lower down the risk by staying for the counter trend.

Swing traders bear risk factor at support & resistance level, thereby minimize the obstacle by positioning in opposite direction.

Exit Strategy:
Swing traders exit their positions after reaching to the ‘Profit targets’ whereas Trend traders carry their positions until the trend changes.

Both the traders apply market timing strategies through various skills. From the experienced trader’s perspective, it is possible to mix up these strategies but beginners should stick to the particular strategy.
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Friday, 21 August 2015

4 SGX Stock Market Strategies To Pick Good Penny Stocks

When it comes to trade with penny stocks, you need to think on impact full strategies to execute as penny stocks are usually speculative & involve high risk factors due to liquidity & small capitalization. Therefore, investments in penny stocks need capital investment strategy. As investment is risky in penny stocks, here are some investment strategies shared for how to pick good stock while trading in Singapore stock market.

Analyze the Stocks?

Being investors in penny stocks, you shouldn’t consider the source of internet forums. Instead of this, to analyze whether there is sufficient amount of stock in the investing community, it’s recommended for investors to analyze the demand of stocks. And, this can be regulated by average daily volume of the stock which will function as good Stock trading picks for you. Preferably, the least volume of stocks should be more than 100,000 units each day.

Fundamental of Penny Stock:

Fundamentals research is one of the important things to follow. The fundamental criteria which must e followed includes EPS (Earnings per share) or Discount to Net asset value (NAV) which means that stock is at lower price than its total accounting value.

EPS is a profitable & one of the easiest ways to measure stocks, if company is profitable. But, if the company is trading at the same time at a discount to NAV then it may happen that market hasn’t valued properly.

Also, when investing in penny stocks; avoid all dividends as these are not reliable & have worst selling point.

Pricing Trends:

If stock pricing getting lower down then it’s better to quit the trading. Also, it’s recommended to go for the stocks which are trading in an increasing manner but also not remains all time high. Getting Stock Picks will be a profitable option to get some idea about pricing trends.

Check out the News:

Checking out the news is one of the best factors to provide Stock signals. Knowing the sectors offering growth potential or to know where the country’s economical stands are the beneficial factors to look for. The articles from these kinds of sources highlighting the penny stocks will help you to be confident for investing in stocks.

Investment in penny stocks will be profitable if invested by understanding the financial knowledge. However, following the above mentions strategies will be beneficial to invest in penny stocks.

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Tuesday, 4 August 2015

Top 5 Trading Strategies For SGX Stock Market

Trading in generally is a buying & selling of stocks and is the fastest medium of earning profit, when it comes to investment in SGX market.

Investing in short-term trading is beneficial for the beginners in SGX market to obtain good results. In addition, here are some trading strategies mentioned to for investment in SGX market mindfully.

Avoid Trading Until you’ve Trading Plan: 

Mind well, you must have a proper plan for executing trades. It might happen that beginners are unaware of trading plan & this is the reason why investors lose the capital. Having a trading plan that represents accurate Stock trading signals is the way you can overcome the possibility of losses. Moreover, asset management is another important thing you need to manage.

Trade with Minimum Position Size:

As a beginner, there is no requirement of trading with more position size. After making profits consistently, it’s easy to increase your position size. It’s recommended to trade with minimum position size until you can’t able to make consistent profits in stock market.

Fixed Time Stock:

Intra-day trading involves profitable opportunities at an initial time of regular day trading. This will be an added advantage to make good profits by getting valuable Stock picks that helps to trade in an effective way.

Get Accurate Stock Alert:

Stock alerts comprised of accurate entries, targets and amount of shares estimated from the trader’s current account without avoiding intraday managing instructions. Getting Stock signals with analysation of market will boost your trading capabilities for long term perspective.

Daily Price Gap Should be Avoided:

Price gaps are all about change in price level of stocks. Trader can lead to loss as price is fluctuating all the time, therefore it’s recommended to avoid daily price gaps.

Trading with above mentioned will be profitable for every beginner in market. Just make yourself confident with the complete monitoring of trade market & always try to trade with a written plan that will help you to earn consistently.

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