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What Is STI-30 And Why Stock Traders Should Know About It?

Your decision to trade in Singapore stock market is certainly smart. But the benefits of trading here can be seen only when your investment starts returning profits. Especially if you are a starter, you should catch up with the basics of Singapore market.

From that perspective, you should vitally know about STI-30. STI stands for Straits Times Index – which is the index for Singapore Stock Exchange. So STI-30 is a table in which those 30 top stocks have been listed which aptly influence the Straits Times Index or STI.

Even the experts who closely watch the market and send stock picks based to traders and investors pay special attention to STI-30. What are the prime factors observed in this STI-30 table?
Ø  It has significant figure like Exponential Moving Average which derived from the prices of a stock varying between 2 to 5 weeks.

Ø  Then there are 20 days, 50 days and 200 days crossover signals which are indicated through A and B – here A denotes bullish while B means bearish. Reading this part of the chart, traders can quickly determine whether a stock is trading bullish or bearish on a specific day and get hints about stock picks to!

Ø  There is also a section called ADX which is Average Directional Index. ADX is used to monitor the EMA crossover signals. As a handy hint for traders, whenever ADX figure for a stock is 25 or above, it means there is a strong trend and has good signs for traders. In contrast, any time the ADX reading is below 20, stock is understood to be non-trending.

You can also use the STI-30 chart as a tally alongside the stock picks you are receiving from your service provider and financial advisory.
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Why You Must Choose SGX Singapore To Trade!

You must have heard a lot about the trading prospects available in Singapore. Do you know what makes Singapore so optimistic for traders and investors? Discover some outstanding facts from that perspective:
  • SGX turns out to be one of the largest trading markets of world, listing as many as 800 to 900 stocks. Consequently it is an incredible horizon for all types of traders and investors. So whether you are a newbie or a seasoned trader, you have a lot to expect from SGX Singapore.

  • SGX is the exchange of Singapore formed in the year 1999. Prior to its formation, there were three different exchanges – SIMEX or Singapore International Monetary Exchange, SCCS or Securities Clearing and Computer Services Pte. Ltd. and SES or Stock Exchange of Singapore. Assets of all these exchanges were merged into one in SGX Singapore.
  • Singapore Exchange holds the honor of being recognized as the top exchange of Asia Pacific. It lists multiple indices from all over the world – including SGX MSCI Japan, S&P CNX Nifty, MSCI Asia Apex 50, MSCI Taiwan, EuroYen Index and many others.
  • SGX Singapore is widely identified for its operational discipline and sophisticated arrangements which suffice quick trades. All you need to succeed here is a good strategy and timely execution of plans. Monitor the stocks in Straits Times Index for some days and you can learn a lot how the index moves.

  • By associating with a professional financial advisory as MMF Solutions, you can increase chances of making profits here. This is because such an agency has prolific technical research facilities based upon which it sends you SGX stock picks. You only have to act upon the picks and plan your investment in accordance with the advice.

In short, Singapore is one of the most profitable trading platforms for you. Smarter you play, better your chances of profits!


Singapore Stock Trading Strategies For The Beginners

Because of the aspiring trading market that Singapore is, you must explore the idea to start stock trading in Singapore.

However, if you are new trader testing waters in Singapore stock market, you got a lot to learn before actually taking a leap. This learning can be anywhere from doing technical research to adopting new strategies to smart application of the very profitable SGX stock picks.
This article can be very useful to you if you are a new trader and are optimistically looking at the Singapore stock exchange.
  • A good strategy in terms of SGX Singaporeis to know your trading pattern and then stick to it. For example, many traders follow the day trading pattern in which they buy some stocks on a day and sell them the same day for a meager or averagely good pattern.
 This may not necessarily be your trading pattern too. If you are looking forward to big benefits, it is best to invest for long terms and be choosy in case of stocks!
  •  Singapore stock market is potential but that is not a quality to die for! Such an ideology can make you emotional and emotions are extremely risk in this business.
Your success in the stock market is governed by smart decisions. It is often seen that many Singapore traders either hold their stocks for periods longer than required, or take quick actions like selling stocks just because prices of their chosen ones are falling. Both these strategies are wrong.

Instead it is important to take a view of market, research for best advices and also see what an expert financial advisory like MMF Solutions is indicating in its SGX stock picks!

In short, though you know that Singapore is a wide platform with an incredible number of prospects of profit making, it is vital to stick to a strategy. And this trading strategy develops with practice, experience and gaining wisdom from experts who are familiar with SGX Singapore trade.

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Hot Stocks In SGX Singapore And Why They Are!

In trading, it is quite important to stay invested in the right stocks at the right time. Profits come only when you have managed both – the entry point and the exit point – of a stock so as to enter at a low level and buy higher!

If you are a trader in Singapore and are expecting to make promising earning, you should know which stocks in SGX Singapore arehot at this time and why you should invest in them!
Here are some stocks experts would suggest:
  • Penny stock investors can take it on Global Yellow Pages to a price as low as $.04. This stock according to experts looks a prospective idea at this time because the company recently found one of its investor increasing trading interest and enhancing his shareholding in the company.If you regularly read SGX stock picks, you should have certainly heard about Tiger Airways. Tiger Airways has been lately in news because it has optimistic expansion plans overseas. In addition, SIA, one of its shareholders, has increased its holding thereby given the company the desired pep up. This would mean some ambitious outcomes for the company and profits for you as a stock holder.
  • Another exceptional and gainful stock in focus for you is Frasers Commercial Trust. The group registered a noteworthy rise of 8.8% in the 4th quarter ending September in its net worth. This is an evident outcome of decreased property operational expenses at China Square Central and increasing rental and occupancy rate.
Also, the company’s master lease expired at Alexandra Technopark turned out to be a huge contribution as it left company with an extra $15 million. This clearly means that every existing shareholder’s earning will be higher by $.0221 per unit.

It is a good idea to cross-verify the facts and SGX stock picks from multiple resources, however as per analysts, this is the right time to profitable stocks as these.

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