Friday, 25 August 2017

How Much Can I Invest In Singapore Stock Market?

 For every newbie out there, looking or planning for investment in Singapore Stock MarketMulti-Management and Future Solutions is there to help you out and make you reach your targeted goal of making a remarkable profit out of your hard earned money.
Know for the reason Why do want to invest?
It’s a prerequisite from investor’s side to be clear for the reason why did he want to invest? It may be for:
1. To make your stagnant placed fixed deposits in banks flow in the market as you wish, just in order to get a higher percentage of returns in comparisons to that of banks.
2.To support your family and parents in order to provide them a secure future and a safe and independent retirement to your parents.
3.To grow at a much faster pace than any of your peer or colleague can grow or can make money within the same time span.
4.Or just you are a risk taker and you love adventurous styles of making money and therefore, you keep on trying new things and ready to take risks for whatever it may cost.
Once you are clear about your reason for investment, it would be easy for you to select an option for your investment, out of the various lucrative and confusing ways available out there.
After this, it’s now time to ask you yourself another crucial question.

How Much Can I Invest In Singapore Stock Market?

As you are new to the market and you are hardly aware of the various factors affecting the market or more particularly your stock movement. Don’t start with a bulk amount. you can start with stocks like STI ETF whose current share price is around $2.80 and therefore you only need $280 to start.
Here, all I mean to say is initially play with safety and security only with Blue Chips that can reduce your risk and enhance your initial profit which will help you to boost your confidence and encourage you to diversify your profile... Read More

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