Tuesday, 11 September 2018

World Cheapest Alcohol Stock- Thai Beverage

Thai Beverage PCL has earned the title of the world’s ‘’cheapest alcohol" Blue Chip Stock. The name was awarded by Goldman Sachs and and predicted to turnaround in its operations next year will give the stock a good rise by senior analyst of Goldman.

ThaiBev (SGX: Y92) categorized under undervalued stock Singapore which is one of the largest beverage company in Southeast Asia with distilleries in Thailand, Scotland, and China.  Listed on the Singapore Stock Exchange, ThaiBev has a market capitalization in excess of US$4 billion.

After losing $6.9 billion this year, ThaiBev now trades at 15.3 times of future earnings, below its 10-year average, while the MSCI World Beverages Index trades at 19.9 times.

According to the Goldman analyst report the stock has reached its bottom, both on earnings and valuation. Shares of ThaiBev closed 4% higher, the biggest gain in almost two months on higher than the three-month average volume.

The company management expect the higher agricultural income in Thailand and a strategy to replace short-term debt with long-term loans will improve finances next year.

According to Goldman’s Zhu rating on stock, the investors should observe the company’s progress on sales volume, revenue growth at its Vietnamese unit, cost controls and debt management. Even the target price is decreased to $0.74 from $0.94 last week, citing a lack of visibility in the next six months.

Wednesday, 8 August 2018

CDL's Q2 profit accelerated 80% to $204.8 million

City Developments Limited (CDL) is listed on the Singapore Exchange, a leading global real estate operating company with a network spanning 100 locations in 28 countries and regions. The company is one of the largest companies by market capitalization. Its income-stable and geographically-diverse portfolio comprise residences, offices, hotels, serviced apartments, integrated developments and shopping malls. Let's take a look at the second quarter report of this undervalued stocks singapore

City Developments Limited on Wednesday announced a second-quarter net benefit of $204.8 million, increased 80 percent from $114.1 million the year prior.

City Developments Limited (CDL)
CDL's Q2 profit accelerated 80% to $204.8 million 

This returned on the of a 60 percent expansion in income for the quarter to $1.36 billion this year from $854 million a year ago. 

Income per share for the quarter finished June 30 came up to 21.8 Singapore pennies, contrasted with 11.8 pennies in the earlier year. 

The increments for the second quarter 2018 were generally because of higher gross benefit produced by the organization's property improvement fragment, said the property designer. 

CDL said its propelled ventures performed well in H1 2018 preceding the new property cooling measures were reported in July. The gathering, together with its joint wander partners, sold 651 units including official apartment suites (ECs), with an aggregate deals estimation of $1.29 billion contrasted and 691 units worth $1.15 billion for a similar period a year ago. 

In Singapore, CDL's property extends that did well incorporate the 174-unit Gramercy Park at Grange Road, which, propelled in March 2016, is completely sold. The 124-unit New Futura at Leonie Hill Road saw 92 units (speaking to more than 74 percent everything being equal), including the two penthouses, sold to-date, accomplishing a normal offering value (ASP) of about $3,500 per square foot, said CDL. Since Phase 1 of The Tapestry, the gathering's 861-unit townhouse in Tampines was propelled in March this year, 488 or 89 percent of the 550 units discharged have been sold to date with an ASP of about $1,350 psf. 

The board of this stock investment has proclaimed an expense excluded (one-level) unique interval conventional profit of six pennies for every common offer for the period, payable on Sept 12. 

Mr. Kwek Leng Beng, CDL's official administrator, stated, "We had two-fourth of solid private deals in Singapore, yet advertise elements changed after the out of the blue cruel property cooling measures were reported in July. Deals are required to direct however costs might be maintained for not very many quality ventures in great areas where there are constrained supply and repressed request. 

Trading Tips
Trading Tips

"Having explored different property cooling measures throughout the years, we have seen that assessment and timing are basic. As our property bank was purchased generally right on time before costs climbed further, this gives us greater adaptability for the initiation of development and deals dispatches. Our speculation skyline stays long haul and we will keep on adopting a taught way to deal with amplifying returns for investors."

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Friday, 3 August 2018

Undervalued stocks of Singapore that investors should know

Finding an undervalued stock isn't simple and often is confused with cheap. An undervalued stock is one that is selling at less than its intrinsic value (the value of a company's stock, currency or product, determined through fundamental analysis without reference to its market value). While the methods aren't perfect, by utilizing certain approaches to isolate potentially undervalued stocks, your portfolio can see a big boost if the stock comes into favor with investors and fund managers again.

Here are Top 7 undervalued stocks Singapore that investors should know -

AA Group  Holdings Limited - AA Group Holdings Limited manufactures and supplies high-precision metal steel parts, including T-yokes (backplate), U-yokes ( shell pot), and washers (front plate). These parts build the loudspeaker system in automobiles, home theatre system and other consumer electronics devices.

Undervalued stocks of Singapore
Undervalued stocks of Singapore

Adventus Holdings Limited - The Adventus Holdings Limited is an investment holding company, was first incorporated under the name SNF Corporation Pte Ltd. to later become Adventus Holdings Limited in January 2009. The company operates as a property development and management company in Singapore and Vietnam. In addition, it offers management consulting services, as well as invests in properties. 

CWX Global Limited -  CWX Global Limited, is also an investment holding company. The group is involved in the exploration, development, and production of oil and gas in the Asia-Pacific region. It also involved in financial activities. The company fundamentally holds 20% interest in three producing concessions, including SW1, L44/43, and L33/43 located in Phetchabun Basin, Thailand. 

Hongkong Land Holding Limited - Hongkong Land Limited incorporated in 1889, is a leading property investment, management, and development group. This share investment invests in and develops commercial properties. Through its subsidiaries, the Company also develops commercial and residential buildings as well as infrastructure in Asia region.

Lion Asiapac Limited - Lion Asiapac Limited is an investment holding company, holds interests in lime manufacturing, steel trading, and property development activities primarily in Malaysia. The company manufactures quicklime and hydrated lime; and trades in consumables for steel product manufacturing. It also builds and sells residential and commercial properties; and provides management consultancy services. The company was formerly known as Metal Containers Limited and changed its name to Lion Asiapac Limited in 1996. Lion Asiapac Limited was incorporated in 1968 and is based in Singapore.

Pacific Century Regional Developments Limited - Pacific Century Regional Developments Limited is an investment holding company. The company was incorporated in 1963 and is based in Singapore. It is specialized in providing business management and consultancy services and holds the interests in telecommunications, media, information technology (IT) solutions, logistics and property development and investments in the Asia-Pacific region.

Trading Tips
Trading Tips

Plato Capital Limited - Plato capital founded in 1999, is a Singapore-listed investment company based in Kuala Lumpur. The company operates through IT Operations and Investment Activities segments. The company serves the four main sectors Hospitality and Travel, Education, Financial Services and IT Solutions, with select investments undertaken outside these core areas on an opportunistic basis.

Wednesday, 1 August 2018

SATS Ltd’s Latest Quarterly Results - Positives & Negatives

Singapore - SATS Ltd is an SGX listed company which is specialized in providing food solutions and gateway services solutions. SATS caters to the needs of the aviation sector and a host of other businesses in hospitality, food, healthcare, freight, and logistics industries besides the governments. With an experience over 70 years and a growing regional presence, SATS is poised for a new phase of growth, creating value for our customers, partners, and shareholders, in Singapore and beyond also a good share investment.

SATS Ltd’s Latest Quarterly Results - Positives & Negatives

Recently the company disclosed it's latest quarterly results for the year ending 31 March 2019. There are some positive and some negative of its quarterly results that investors should know, let's talk about the positive and negatives of the SATS Ltd.

The quarterly results of the SATS Ltd

Below image shows the consolidated income statement from SATS for the principal quarter of FY18/19- 

SATS’ Results Presentation
Source - SATS’ Results Presentation
In general, we see that the two sales and profit after tax and minority interest (PATMI) were superior to those of a similar period a year ago.

The positives of the SATS Ltd - 

Let's take a look at the revenue of the company the Food Solutions revenue increased 2.7% multi-year to S$239.5 million and the Gateway Services revenue increased by 3.4% multi-year to S$199.6 million.

The operating expenditure of this stock investment increased at a slower rate as compared to the revenue of the company which caused the expansion of the operating margin to 14.8% from 12.5% in this quarter.

The free cash flow for the quarter was S$72.3 million, up from S$27.7 million in the same period last year, mainly due to the higher operating cash flow.

The balance sheet of the SATS Ltd's remained strong with cash and short-term deposits of S$439.7 million and debt of S$106.1 million, as at 30 June 2018.

The negatives of the SATS Ltd -

There is just a single negative point that investors should know from the most recent quarterly results, which is the weaker execution in SATS' partners and joint ventures. Partners and joint ventures benefit after assessment commitment declined hardly by 1.3% to S$15.3 million. The fall was chiefly because of weaker execution from Gateway Services, where benefit after assessment descended by 8.3% to S$11.1 million.

Trading Tips
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