Friday, 28 October 2016

Stock Market Today : UOB's 3Q earnings fall 7.8% to $791 mil on absence of one-off gain, higher allowances

SINGAPORE (Oct 28): UOB Group reported a 7.8% drop in 3Q earnings to $791 million from $858 million a year ago on absence of one-off gain from the sale of investment securities and higher allowance for distressed assets.

This was better than the average forecast of $771 million in earnings from a Bloomberg survey of five analysts.

In 3Q, total allowance increased 15.0% to $185 million, as specific allowance on loans and other assets were higher largely due to the oil and gas and shipping industries.

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Thursday, 27 October 2016

Stock Market Today : Hyflux divests stake in Galaxy Newspring for US$136.5 mil .

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SINGAPORE (Oct 27): Hyflux says that its roundabout completely possessed backup, Hyflux Asset Management, has sold its half stake in Galaxy NewSpring to Yunnan Water Hong Kong Company for US$136.5 million (S$190 million).

Universe is in the matter of contributing, creating, building, owning, working and keeping up water-related framework resources.

The staying half stake in Galaxy NewSpring is held by Yunnan Water.

Hyflux says that the deal cost was resolved on an a safe distance premise, and records for Galaxy's authentic money related execution and its total book estimation of S$189.9 million.

The gathering additionally clarified that the divestment is in agreement to its advantage light business technique, and Galaxy had been delegated a benefit held available to be purchased since end 2015.

The money thought is relied upon to be sent for future improvement for new tasks, includes Hyflux.

Shares of Hyflux are exchanging 1 penny higher at 46.5 pennies.

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  • OCBC
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Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Today’s SGX Hot Stocks Update

SINGAPORE (Oct 26): Mohamed El-Erian, chief economic adviser (CEA) at Allianz, thinks there are many more consequences of ultra-low interest rates that have yet to play out for investors, and that gold is increasingly part of the solution to mitigating such risks.

This is especially so as some 30% of global government debt is trading at negative yields compared to the past when a prolonged period of low and negative nominal interest rates were "once thought unlikely if not unthinkable", says the former CEO of PIMCO.

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Monday, 24 October 2016

Singapore Hot stock Update of Market

SINGAPORE (Oct 24): Here are some stocks that could move the market on Monday morning:

The Straits Trading Company on Friday announced the proposed sale of an office building in

Melbourne, Australia, for A$161.5 million (171.8 million). The conditional sale and purchase

 agreement was entered into by SRE Investment 1 (Australia), a subsidiary of Straits Real Estate, which in turn is a subsidiary of Straits Trading Company. Shares of The Straits Trading Company last closed at $1.99 on Thursday.

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Friday, 21 October 2016

Ways to Select the Stock Signals Provider for Stock Investment

There are large numbers of traders who are more interested in stock investment as compared to other investment segments. But while trading in stocks traders should be careful in selecting the stock signal provider. Signal providers play an important role in making money.  It is either a firm or individual who provides signals and informs the traders about the time to buy or sell the stock. In this article we have mentioned some ways to select the stock signal provider for gaining profit from the trade.

Inquire about the reliability of signal provider:- 

They should provide the reliable information about the stocks such as stock picks for gaining profit from the particular stock. There information should be accurate and based on the market analysis. 

Assure that the signal provider provides services in the stocks:-

There are various signal providers who provide services in different segments such as Forex, Comex and Stocks. So before selecting the signal provider make sure that they provide the services in stock. There are various some providers who provide services only either in Forex or Comex, so inquiring about them will be total waste of time. So investigate only for those who are stock tips providers. And also make sure that they will provide signals in the particular stocks you want to invest in.
Research about their previous record:-

Researching previous records is a good way to know about the performance the signal providers. Check whether the signal provider’s services are good or not, they provide accurate equities trading tips or not. You can check their client’s comments to know more about their services and accuracy. 

Make sure that the signal providers provide same strategy as you want:-
Match your trading strategy with the provider before selecting the signal provider. For an instance, suppose prefer intraday trading or day trading then they should provide you intraday live trading signal for gaining profit. And if your trading style is positional trading then should provide positional trading signals. If the provider provides the positional trading and you prefer day trading then you will lost your comfort zone and there are higher chances of losing the trade with their equity tips

Inquire about the signal provision technique of the provider:- 

Find about the signal provision technique of the signal provider. There are many signal providers who provide signals via SMS or whatsapp or email. But the signal provider should provide the service as per the clients comfort. Many traders prefer signals through whatsapp so they should provide them signals via whatsapp to them instead of providing through SMS or email. 

Collect the information about the accounts managed:-

If the signal provider is managing large number of accounts then your account will not get preference and that provider will not prove beneficial and suitable to make income from the trade. So assure that the provider manages the enough possible accounts so that you will not get ignored. 

Check whether the provider is emerging or established:-

Established signal providers have more knowledge and experience as compared to the emerging provider. Established providers can be more profitable as their equity recommendations could be more accurate as compared to the emerging. It doesn’t mean that emerging providers are not good but there is more chance of losing with their stock investment picks due to lack of experience. 

Bottom Line:-

After checking out all the records and performing all the inquiries you are ready for stock investment with the selected stock signals provider. As soon as you select the signal provider then they will start providing you live trading signals on the basis of market analysis so that you can make money from your trade.

Thursday, 20 October 2016

Singapore Hot stock Update of Market

SINGAPORE (Oct 20): Here are some factors and stocks that could move the market this Thursday morning:

The Singapore Exchange posted a 16.3% fall in 1Q earnings to $83.1 million from a year ago on lower revenue. Operating revenue fell 8.5% to $190.8 million as revenue for both its securities and derivatives business decreased 16% to $47.1 million, which accounted for 25% of total revenue. SGX closed 1 cent lower at $7.22.

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Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Stock Market Today : This REIT is well prepared for the office oversupply situation .

Image result for REIT

Market watchers remain positive  on Keppel Real Estate Investment Trust after the REIT declared that it had recharged the majority of its leases terminating in FY16, and is ready to ride through the approaching oversupply coming up inside the following two years.

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Monday, 17 October 2016

Singapore Hot stock Update of Market

Singapore will study the possibility of bringing the gold benchmark pricing in London to users in Asia, in a move that would also allow market participants in the world's top consuming region to help set the price of bullion.

Home to the world's biggest buyers China and India, Asia's importance has been on the rise as the key source of demand for gold, but bullion traders in the region are often exposed to intraday price volatility and overnight foreign exchange risks with benchmark prices currently being set out of London.

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Friday, 7 October 2016

Share Investment Tips to Avoid Common Mistakes in Stocks Trading .

Making an investment in stock market requires planning and research on the part of an investor. However, there are some times when investors make some mistakes in the market during stockinvestment. Stock market is expanding from the recent few years and the interest in stock market investment is increasing. However, investing in stock market needs experience. Newbie investors make few mistakes in stock trading. So, if you are a newbie and want to invest in stock market then you should consider the share investment tips mention in this blog to avoid mistakes in investment.

Share Investment Tips to Avoid Mistakes:-

Bad Planning:-

Just after hearing stories about the stock market from the friends many new traders are lured into investingin shares.  Media news is also inspires new traders to invest in stock. Such type of initiate by the new traders results in huge amount of risk. That’s why it is important to spend time in studying and researching the stock market. For new investors, it is necessary to have a clear plan or strategy to gain profit in stock market. Traders should search for the previous records of the companies so that they can have a clear picture of whether to invest in particular company or not. By researching about the companies traders can get the previous records and decide the returns to be expected from them. 

Investing in Rumors:-

Traders should always be alert so that the rumors cannot spoil their investment. Because many times the rumors are not true and spending money according to the rumor can bring to  a huge amount of loss. Avoid investing in the stock in which everyone is investing. For selecting the stock or picking the stock, traders should use stock market investing tips so that the risk factor can be minimized. 

Panic Selling:-

Panic selling has triggered many stock market crashes in past, and numerous traders gone bankrupt due to panic selling. Panic selling happens when the share market falls drastically, and traders, to save you more losses start selling. Share investment Singapore market has demonstrated to advantage traders who invest for a long-time period, so in preference to selling, you ought to live invest, unless, of direction, the company is facing financial ruin. Through holding on to your stocks, you've got the possibility of protecting all your losses whilst the inventory rebounds and profits momentum. 

Excessive Diversification:-

There’s a modern trend amongst investors to diversify their budget so that if the traders loss money on an equity, the others stocks will cover up for that. it's far a good approach, however, it can be a disastrous in case if traders spread out their stocks too much, as then the portfolio becomes tough to manage and the investments end up too small to provide the favorable returns. So in an equity investmentSingapore market it is better to follow the trading discipline and clear strategy to gain profit.


It’s essential before dealing in stock investment Singapore market to be assured about the selections, overconfidence can prove to be fatal for a trader. If the stock in which the trader is investing has already registered the 10% income as per the plan or strategy, it's better to sell that stock instead of expecting it to offer 20%. The vital factor is that investors permit emotions to get into their decisions, which could bring to terrible investments and losses.

Bottom Line:-

There is no any golden rule to invest in a stock market.  So, it is vital to look at the stock market as an organization which gives excellent returns to those who make excellent preparation before investing money in it. If the share investment tips are followed properly then the chances of gaining more profit increases. 

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MAS to issue policy statement, Q3 GDP data on Oct 14

Singapore will issue the central bank's semiannual monetary policy statement and data on third-quarter gross domestic product on Oct 14, authorities said on Friday.

The Monetary Authority of Singapore (MAS) will announce its monetary policy decision next Friday at 8am, the central bank said on its website.

The government's advance estimate of third-quarter GDP will be released at the same time, according to a statement from the Ministry of Trade and Industry.

Singapore's central bank is expected to keep its exchange-rate based monetary policy steady at next week's review, but some analysts say that external risks and sluggish growth may prompt a further easing in 2017.

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  • Secura

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