Saturday, 12 September 2015

People’s Action Party (PAP) has won back the Punggol East Single Member Constituency

More than two years in the wake of losing the single-seat ward to the Workers' Party in a by-decision, the People's Action Party (PAP) has won back the Punggol East Single Member Constituency in a nearby challenge that saw veteran Charles Chong beat officeholder Lee Li Lian.

Mr Chong got 16,957 or 51.76 for each penny of the substantial votes, while Ms Lee got 15,801 votes or 48.24 for every penny.

A passionate Mr Chong expressed gratitude toward occupants for "conveying back the sparkle to Punggol East" – including: "I likewise need to say thanks to Ms Lee Li Lian for dealing with the electorate for the last over two years. I know she gave a valiant effort."

He expressed gratitude toward PAP activists for the diligent work they had put in since losing Punggol East in the 2013 by-decision. "I would ask for modestly that you don't celebrate an excessive amount of – alright, perhaps for today evening time – however there is still a ton of diligent work in front of us. We have to get our town gathering all together, we have to convey on our race guarantees, and we unquestionably need to take the sparkle back to Punggol East," he included, in his discourse at Bedok stadium.

WP's Ms Lee, in her discourse at Hougang stadium, expressed gratitude toward occupants for their bolster, saying the previous more than two years was "short yet exceptionally important for me".

"The WP and I regard the voters' choice, and throughout the following couple of months, we will work to guarantee a smooth handover of the town gathering. What's more, I will be taking this chance to set aside some quality time with my family, my most prominent supporters," she said.

Addressing columnists later, she said she suspected "civil issues" had impact in the outcomes, however declined to expound. Inquired as to whether she would keep on tilling the fields in Punggol East, she said she wished to.

Be that as it may, "things will be distinctive in that I will most likely have a full-time work", she said. "I made a ton of companions there, and that will presumably make me need to retreat."

In the last General Election in 2011, the WP's Ms Lee challenged Punggol East SMC yet lost with 41.01 for each penny of the votes to PAP's Michael Palmer who took 54.54 for every penny.
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