Tuesday, 15 September 2015

Macquarie Int'l Infrastructure Fund Closes Sale Of 90% Stake In Hua Nan Expressway

SGX Stock Update: Macquarie International Infrastructure Fund has come to monetary close on the offer of its 90 percent enthusiasm for South China Highway Development, which thusly holds a 90 percent stake in Hua Nan Expressway, to Topwise Consultants for a thought of $110 million.

The trust will convey the net continues of the deal and any overabundance money taking after the settlement of its liabilities to the shareholders, by method for reclamation of the common shares in the reserve's capital.

Net add up to be dispersed to shareholders is relied upon to be no not exactly $0.0825 per offer. The last share recovery cost will be declared on 22 September 2015.

The offer recovery will prompt the reserve's delisting from the Singapore Exchange and its consequent twisting up. Exchanging the shares will be suspended from 18 September.

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