Tuesday, 9 October 2018

The Best Supermarket Dividend Share - Sheng Siong Group Ltd (OV8.SI)

Sheng Siong Group Ltd (SG: OV8) is the best player of high dividend stock payer than other stock in Singapore’s supermarket space.

The Sheng Siong Group is one of the leading undervalued stock Singapore and operates as an investment holding company, which engages in the operation of supermarket and grocery stores under the Sheng Siong brand. It sells live, fresh, and chilled produce, preserved food, general merchandise, and household products.

Dividend Yield
Sheng Siong shares last exchanged hands at S$1.13 on last Friday (5 Oct 2018), translating to a trailing dividend yield of 3.1%. Which means Sheng Siong appears the far better dividend share than other stocks.

Dividend Growth Rate
Sheng Siong dividend had climbed by 6.1% annually from S$0.026 per share in 2013 to S$0.033 per share in 2017. You can see the growth of the company’s dividend in the table below:

Total Dividend Per Share

Dividend Payout Ratio
The company with a dividend payout ratio of less than 100% is best because it leaves some room for the company to maintain its dividend even in the face of business slowdowns in the future. Sheng Siong’s dividend of S$49.6 million in 2017 was 82% of its free cash flow of S$60.8 million for the year.

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