Friday, 19 June 2015

SGX Stock Trading Hours To Be Kept In Mind

SGX Stock Picks

Singapore Stock Exchange is the primary exchange, the currency of which is Singapore Dollar (SGD). The shares in the exchange are mainly traded in the lot size of 1000 shares. Furthermore, the opening & closing market of Singapore stock exchange are described below:  

Stock Trading Tips

Trade Time of SGX

 Order will not be done during Pre-opening as Philip securities doesn’t extending hours.

Pre-closing: Similar to Pre-opening.

Open:  Orders can be entered from 08:30:00 to 08:59:00 (pre-open) followed by a non-cancel period from 08:59:00 to 09:00:00 after which order matching will occur and the market will open.

Close: Orders that can be matched are matched at a single price computed based on an algorithm set by SGX-ST. The computed price will be the closing price for the day.

Non-Cancel: Order once purchase cannot be sold during trading.

The above mentioned timing hours are for normal trading days. The orders which will receive during “No order” times will be rejected. Order for the next trading day will be accepted after 15 minutes of current stock trading market close.

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