Saturday, 23 September 2017

Successful share investment secrets

Share investment is always about timings and winnings. When investors decide to make money, then no winds could stop them. Some stock prices are too high to buy and some are too low, which keeps investors in dilemma of buying or not buying those shares. If you too face this problem, its high time to go for a detailed stock research where you must look for successful share investment decisions regarding Singapore stocks to buy now.
So lets unlock the secret of successful share investment by identifying factors which not only boost profit numbers but also helps in tracking Singapore stock market movements.

Pen Down 2 Successful Share Investment Secrets:

  1. If you are investing in net to net stocks, you are at a high risk of losing capitals: 
Its important to understand the risk of investing in net-net stocks. These are the stocks of such Singapore companies, which are facing some problems either in management or in product offerings. Basically, their market capitalization is lower when compared to its market capitalization. So ending up your capital in buying such stocks might be a source of self-suicide.
So successful share investment secrets say: 
Invest in stocks that have high potential to return your capital and further boost your capital with profits. 
If you still have interest in investing in such net-net stocks, you have two options:
  • Diversify capital in net-net stocks and mitigate the risk you are about to take
  • Do a thorough stock research with the help of Singapore stock market news and other available data before investing in stock market of Singapore.
Ace Achieve Infocom Ltd ACE:SP  SINGAPORE
  • 1 YR RETURN: -52.94%
  • YTD RETURN : -38.46%
The Secret of Successful Share Investment
  1. Check the ROE of the Singapore stock market company you are about to invest in:
The ROE is calculated by dividing net profits whit shareholder’s equity. It tells you the profitability of each dollar of your capital invested in any company registered on Singapore stock market.
So successful share investment secrets say: 
The higher the ROE of any stock is, the more favourable share market tip it becomes thus returning more profits.
The second approach to measure ROE could be:
Multiplying asset turnover with net profit margin and asset and then dividing it with equity of the stock.
Top Glove:
  • 1 YR RETURN: 02%
  • YTD RETURN : 06%
  • ROE: 19.8%.
The Secret of Successful Share Investment

Singapore Stock Market Researcher Last Note:

For making any decision regarding share investments, the investors must look upon few things like:
So hope you are now through with these successful share investment secrets and for more such information and related stocks market tips you can ask for a free trial directly from the Singapore’s top-rated share investment signals providers Multi Management future solutions.

Friday, 22 September 2017

Stock Market Reseach of CapitaLand Commercial Trust

CapitaLand Commercial Trust - A prime Marina Bay office does not come cheap
■ Strategically compelling but still DPU dilutive, on our estimates
■ Even after rental correction, Marina Bay office prices are not cheap
■ We reiterate Sell (5) rating with an ex-rights TP of SGD1.39

What's new:

CCT announced the acquisition of Asia Square Tower 2 (AST2) on 21 September 2017 and held a briefing for analysts. We maintain our Sell (5) rating as we expect it to be mildly DPU dilutive.

What's the impact:

CCT will acquire AST2 at an initial net-property income (NPI) yield of 3.6%, with a committed occupancy rate of 88.7% as at 30 June 2017 and finance the total deal cost of SGD2.15bn with SGD1.12bn of bank borrowings, SGD340m of recent divestment proceeds, and SGD690.4m of equity from a 166 for 1,000 rights issue (at an issue price of SGD1.363/unit). The pro-forma gearing, after all transactions, is 37.1%.

We expect the transaction to be mildly DPU-dilutive, but depending on the actual borrowing cost and the rate of cash-rent improvement in AST2, it might become DPU accretive eventually. Given the multi-funding strategy to optimize the DPU impact, AST2’s prominence in the heart of Marina Bay and how it would enhance and diversify CCT’s overall portfolio, we can see why management was willing to buy AST2 at a 3.6% initial yield, although there will be some minor tax leakage in buying it through its existing special purpose vehicle.


The purchase price of SGD2,689/sq ft is about 8% lower than the average valuation of other equally new Marina Bay office properties, so CCT is not paying the highest price, but this is just relative, in our view, because even though office rents have corrected by about 20% from the recent peak in early 2015, capital values of Marina Bay properties have only appreciated over this period. We also suspect that some of its in-place rents are higher than the spot rents, so we see some short-term risk of negative rental reversions (about 10% of AST2 leases are due for renewal in 2018).

We do not regard the deal as clear winner (on DPU-accretion) like some of the recent Mapletree-related deals (Mapletree Business City and Mapletree Logistics Hub Tsing Yi), but it is not a totally bad 3rd -party deal either, in our opinion. Nonetheless, we hold CCT management to exacting standards.

What we recommend:

We maintain our Sell (5) rating and revise down our DPU forecasts for 2017-19E by 3% after incorporating AST2 into our forecasts along with the funding assumptions. We lower our DDM-derived 12-month target price to SGD1.39 (ex-rights) from SGD1.42. A risk to our call is an exuberant recovery in Singapore office rents.

Points to watch out before investing in a company shares

Today, we can’t find any single company which has a perfect record when it comes to investing in their stocks. It seems as if it is hard to find a company share which can show a linearly upward trading trend on any of the renowned stockbroking platforms. 
A lesson of how to protect ourselves and our hard earn money before it gets shattered.  
Today here, I on a very serious node going to deliver you some of the major sore points that you must watch out before investing in any stock market.

Emigration of upper management:

Leaving off any member from the upper management is an alarming sign for all the investors. It’s an indication for all stock market traders and therefore needs to determine the actual reason behind their walk out. because It may be a sign that the delegates at the higher authority know of something going to happen within the organization or it may be for some regulatory issues.
Here, in Quidsi’s case, their finance chief left the company in March which could be considered as a crucial sore point while investing for Quidsi Stock.

Excessive Debt:

Debt a key parameter that must be taken into consideration before investing in any online stock. Debt of any organization can be curated from their debt-to-equity ratio. This debt-to-equity ratio may seem varying depending upon the sector you are dealing with.
For example, Shiping industries always have a high debt-to-equity ratio in comparison with an IT industry.

Inventory an asset or a sore point:

Many online stock traders look inventories as a company’s assets and in most cases they are true. However, in many cases inventory may also cause hindrance against company’s future earning if they are not sold out.
Similar can be taken in account for Quidsi when Amazon has repositioned Quidsi’s inventory form their main pulpit.

Lagging financial results:

Late filing of financial result never grabs our attention because we overlook them as there might be some internal issues. Whereas, a good stock trader always take it as a remarkable sore point and investigate to find for what reason the filing of financial report gone late.
The stock market is volatile and this volatility depends on innumerable factors. Therefore it’s always been suggested to never take such issues as for granted.

Always go with cash flow rather than with net income:

Whenever we are going to decide for a company we focus on their net income. We hardly focus on their cash flow. This cash flow always needed to be considered. if net income is high and their cash flow is crippling the company may have problems in raising their revenue from their customers.
A recent study shows that the flow of cash gets deteriorated showing a jump of 55.23% from 44.96% which is again a spectacular sore point.
This and a lot more is waiting here for you at Multi Management & Future Solutions

Thursday, 21 September 2017

Investing Update: SGX's 20 largest China exposure plays posts 27% return YTD

The Singapore Exchange has 180 stocks which can be viewed as China introduction plays.

Together, they create 20% of their income from China while more than 80% infer in any event half of their income from the nation.

Year to date, the 20 biggest promoted stocks which create no less than half from China have posted a normal market top weighted value return of 27.3% with 16 out of the 20 stocks producing positive returns.

The 20 organizations exchange at a market top weighted normal P/E of 13.5 times and P/B of 1.1 times
Singapore Exchanges listed China Companies

For as long as 15 years, GDP development in China found the middle value of between 9% to 10%. Regardless of the financial stoppage, GDP is as yet anticipated that would increment around 6% for the following five years.

In 2017, China's GDP figure was additionally overhauled higher in the last quarter to 6.7%, three times more contrasted with 2.1% for US. 

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As indicated by SGX, there are five drivers that add to China's blasting GDP development.

The One Belt and One Road (OBOR) Initiative is the greatest driver. In May, China's President Xi vowed to empty US$124 billion into the activity. The assets will be utilized as gifts to the current Silk Road Fund, credits from approach banks and help to creating nations. 

The OBOR Initiative is one of China's most critical drivers to shape its national monetary advancement system and global exercises.

Furthermore, the Chinese government a year ago set "supply-side auxiliary change" as a concentration which will bolster development through new request and efficiency.

The third driver is state-possessed undertakings (SOEs) change, which China has made a need in the previous couple of years. Some portion of the change incorporates presenting a blended possession framework and making SOEs more streamlined and productive.

The fourth driver is China's developing center wage class and local utilization. The National Bureau of Statistics detailed that yearly discretionary cashflow of Chinese family units in 2016 expanded to RMB23,821 ($7,664) contrasted with RMB10,000 in 2009. 

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China will likewise observe about US$2 trillion in new utilization by 2021 which implies it will be one of the greatest markets for purchaser organizations all around later on.

In conclusion, the "Made in China 2025" national arrangement will help add to China's GDP development. Revealed in 2015, the 10-year design means to change China from an assembling monster into a world assembling power.

Under the arrangement, China will concentrate on five noteworthy ventures, including setting up an assembling advancement focus and boosting insightful assembling. Then, it will likewise acquaint approaches with extend institutional changes and reinforce money related help, and additionally rebuild old economy over all divisions and ventures with its web based business advertise.